Examining the evidence

We explain what the evidence really says about...

Sleep Training

Will sleep training cause your child serious trauma? Or is it a good option for the whole family to get sleep?


What does the evidence show about the risks and benefits of vaccines? Is a delayed schedule ever appropriate?


What are the proven benefits of breastfeeding? Is “breast always best?” How many women can’t breastfeed?

Potty Training

What’s the best age to start potty training? What are the risks of starting too soon? Is toilet training even necessary?

Food Allergies

What causes them? Can they be prevented? Can they be reversed?

Screen Time

How much is too much? How young is too young? Is it ever beneficial?

GMO vs. Organics

Are organic foods healthier? Is the cost worth it? How well are GMOs tested?

Labor Induction

Does it increase the likelihood of a cesarean delivery? When is it indicated?

“Science-based. Judgment free. A perfect guide for evidence-based parenting!” — Ari Brown, MD and author of Baby 411

About The Informed Parent

The latest scientific research on home birth, breastfeeding, sleep training, vaccines, and other key topics—to help parents make their own best-informed decisions.
The ultimate resource for today’s science-minded generation

In the era of questionable Internet “facts” and parental oversharing, it’s more important than ever to find credible information on everything from prenatal vitamins to screen time. The good news is that parents and parents-to-be no longer need to rely on an opinionated mother-in-law about whether it’s OK to eat sushi in your third trimester, an old college roommate for sleep-training “rules,” or an online parenting group about how long you should breastfeed (there’s a vehement group for every opinion). Credible scientific studies are out there – and they’re “bottom-lined” in this book. The ultimate resource for today’s science-minded generation, The Informed Parent was written for readers who prefer facts to “friendly advice,” and who prefer to make up their own minds, based on the latest findings as well as their own personal preferences. Science writers and parents themselves, authors Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham have sifted through thousands of research studies on dozens of essential topics, and distill them in this essential and engaging book.

About the authors

Tara Haelle

Tara is mother to two adored sons and a journalist whose work has appeared in Forbes, Scientific American, Slate, NPR, Parents, and her blog Red Wine & Applesauce. She has been a writer, teacher, photographer, loquacious talker, and insatiable asker of questions as long as she can remember. Find her at www.tarahaelle.net

Emily Willingham

Emily is a compulsive writer and biologist and the parent of three sons whom she loves beyond measure. Her writing has appeared in online outlets including Forbes, the New York Times, Scientific American, Slate, Discover, and others. She probably asks “Why?” more than her children do. Find her at www.emilywillinghamphd.com.

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