Hydrolyzed formula may not prevent allergies after all

Hydrolyzed formula contains proteins that have been broken down, or hydrolyzed, into smaller fragments. These specialized formulas, based on the milk proteins whey or casein, have been viewed as one way to ensure that babies at high risk for allergies get good nutrition without adding to their risk. Formulas can be partially or extensively hydrolyzed.[…]

Low Measles Vaccination Rates Contribute to Outbreaks

New research has pulled together more than a dozen studies on measles and pertussis outbreaks and offers further confirmation that lower vaccination rates contribute to these outbreaks. The study, appearing in JAMA, is a meta-analysis that involved examining 18 different studies’ results before drawing conclusions. One of those conclusions, as we discuss in our book, is that[…]

Migraines Could Indicate Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Having a severe headache during pregnancy may mean more than having to lie down and pop a few painkillers. Migraines have been linked to several pregnancy complications in a recent study, but the study is fairly small. The researchers examined 90 pregnant women who had migraines, nearly a third of whom had a migraine lasting[…]