February 9, 2016

Book References

We decided to put our references online so that readers can follow links directly to the studies we used. Many of these are behind paywalls, so we have linked to the abstracts. These references will never be comprehensive on a topic because new research is coming out every day, but we hope they are a helpful starting place for those who want to explore the research on their own.

Chapter 1: Parenting Begins Before Pregnancy

The Parental Age Effect

The Most Important Prenatal Vitamin

Whether to Worry About Weight During Pregnancy


The Relevance of Parental Gender

The Facts About Genetic Anomalies and Inheritance

Selecting A Maternity Healthcare Provider

The Conception Calendar

The In Vitro Effect


Chapter 2: Bun in the Oven

The Benefits and Risks of Embryonic and Fetal Screening Tests

Autism: What We Know About Causes

Pregnancy and Mood

Stress in Pregnancy: It’s Complicated

Prescription Drugs in Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy: Can You Do It? Do You Want To?

Alcohol and Caffeine: To Drink or Not to Drink

Kitty Litter, Sushi, and Brie: Understanding Environmental Exposure Risks

Maternal Hypertension and Pre-Eclampsia


Chapter 3:  Delivery Day Around the Corner

Home Truths About Home Birth

The Placenta: Take It or Leave It

Picking a Pediatrician

Labor Induction: From Semen to Primrose Oil and Safety Considerations

Baby’s Arrival: Cesarean and Vaginal Births


Diapers: Cloth vs. Disposable

Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding

Vaccine Schedules: One Has an Evidence Base

“I Want to Bank Your (Cord) Blood”


Chapter 4: The Birth Day

How Important are Apgars?

Birth Practices: Vitamin K, Eye Drops, and Cord Clamping

Parent–Baby Separation

Getting Over Baby Bonding Guilt

Breastfeeding Blues


Chapter 5: The First Weeks

More Than Baby Blues

Why Babies Cry

The Art and Science of Baby Soothing

Period of Purple Crying

Plain Talk About Pacifiers

When Grandma Says He’s Spoiled

Feeding by the Clock

Sling or Stroller or Both?


Chapter 6: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The Science of Sleep Deprivation

Infant Sleep

On the Science of SIDS & the Safety of Bedsharing

Sleep Training: The Help or Harm of “Cry It Out”


Chapter 7: The Joys and Pains of Feeding

Why We Care So Much About Feeding

Terrible Teething and The First Trip to the Dentist

When Breastfeeding Should End

The Best Form Formula Can Take

When to Start the Spoon

The Scientific Skinny on Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

Deciding How Vital Vitamins Are

“My Four-Year-Old Has Never Eaten a Single Vegetable”

Produce Aisle Showdown: GMO Vs. Organic

Attack of the Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Nuts, Eggs, and the Rest


Chapter 8: You, Your Child, and the Environment

On Chemicals and “Chemophobia”

Bug Off: DEET and Other Mosquito Repellents

Children and Medication

The Hygiene Hypothesis: The Help and Harm of Playing in the Dirt

Inflammation and Children

Cats and Dogs and Turtles, Oh My!

Kids and Guns: Avoiding Avoidable Tragedy

Air Pollution: What We Can’t See Can Hurt Us

The Water We Drink


Chapter 9: This Is Your Child’s Brain on Screens

Tablets, Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices

TV: The Good and the Bad

The Violence Connection


Chapter 10: Development and Its Derailments and Delays

Developmental Screening and Milestones

If You Give a Kid a Book

Discipline Without Endangerment

Toilet Training and Bedwetting


Early Childcare

Health Risks of Daycare

The Pain and Promise of Preschool