February 23, 2016

Commenting Policy

Comment Policy and Community Guidelines
The purpose of The Informed Parent page is to share and discuss information about parenting and the science related to parenting. Unless stated otherwise, material is posted for discussion rather than endorsement.

It is our goal to have an open exchange of ideas in a reasonably safe environment. We expect commenters to be respectful of post authors and other commenters.

We ask commenters to consider the difference between legitimate ignorance and willful ignorance and to try to proceed accordingly. We would also like commenters to be thoughtful about how they offer critiques.

The editors reserve the right to remove or hide comments that violate our comment policy. We will also consider removing comments if approached by the author of the comment. In general, comments containing the following will be deemed inappropriate:
–Vulgar or abusive language
–Personal attacks of any kind
–Unsupported accusations
–Offensive terms that criticize individuals based upon neurology, race/ethnicity/nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.
–Spam or unsolicited advertisements
–Marketing copy or links promoting services or products
–Deeply personal information about other people, including children

In addition:
Comments should remain on-topic and follow the thread of conversation. We want our discussion archives to be useful.

We would also like commenters to keep the following in mind, regarding what free speech means in a moderated forum:

“Free speech doesn’t include the right to speak your mind on any forum anywhere. The government may not prevent you from speaking, but private parties, like blog owners or corporations, aren’t required to let you use their property as your platform.”

While we moderate comment threads as needed to keep discussions respectful and on-topic, we may not be able to moderate in real time. If you feel we need to pay attention to a specific thread or comment, please contact us.

Our Facebook page is a public forum. For this reason, we ask that you not include personally identifying information in the body of your comments (name, phone numbers, addresses, children’s names, children’s personal habits or details). If you would like advice on a sensitive matter, however, please email us at ejwillingham@gmail.com, and we can either post an anonymous community query on our Facebook forum, or help you find appropriate resources privately.

Our Facebook page and book are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified care provider. Please seek licensed counsel if you need legal help.

We reserve the right to change our policy here at any time.

***Text credit/comment guidelines credit to the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.***