How much do you know about gun violence statistics?

In our book, we include a substantial section on children and firearms. This topic isn’t typically covered in most parenting books. In fact, we aren’t aware of any books in our micro-genre that address the issue (though we likely missed some). We included it because there is enough research on the issue to draw very clear conclusions about what children do when in the presence of a firearm, how well they can be taught or trained to respond appropriately and the potential risks and consequences of gun ownership in homes with children.

The evidence we summarize in our book may surprise many parents. Similarly, the research about gun ownership, gun violence, and firearm-related policies and legislation may surprise some as well. Studies on this topic are severely lacking due to Congressional restrictions related to firearm injury research funding, but enough research exists to establish quite a bit about the associations that exist related to firearms, suicide, accidental injuries by firearms, firearm homicides, mass shootings, overall crime, and related issues. In the one-hour podcast below, Tara discusses much of this research with MyNDTalk.