April 8, 2016 Netmums

Study Claims Dads — Not Moms — Get Less Sleep With Newborns.
“Earlier this week, NPR posted a story that offered some surprising data on sleep deprivation in new parents, arguing that studies had shown that FATHERS often got less sleep than mothers during their first few weeks with a newborn baby at home.I know what all of you mothers are thinking right now — YEAH RIGHT — but if you look at the data, there are some interesting revelations about the poor assumptions that new parents make when they’re playing the “who’s more tired” game.”
April 8, 2016 Babble 

Willingham and Haelle: 6 surprising things science tells us about parenting.
“Sifting through mountains of research on parenting and children’s health is bound to turn up a few surprises. We spent months reading study after study about topics ranging from child allergies to spanking to cord blood banking to home birth while writing our book, The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Guide to a Child’s First Four Years. Despite reporting on child and maternal health for years, we learned some things we didn’t expect and found out some ideas are more nuanced than we realized. Here are six of our favorite science-based discoveries.”
April 13, 2016 Dallas Morning News